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Wild FX Bundle - 4 crazy Fx plugins in 1 wild offer

Wild FX Bundle - 4 crazy Fx plugins in 1 wild offer

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Dive deep into the untamed realms of sound with Safari Pedals' Wildlife FX Bundle, a curated collection of four wildly innovative audio plugins tailored for the audio adventurer in you. Get ready to explore sonic wildlife.

  1. Dirty Dog
    Collaboration with Joe Chiccarelli: Step into the wild with Dirty Dog, a fierce reverb and overdrive plugin forged in partnership with 11-time Grammy Producer & Engineer Joe Chiccarelli. Unlike any other, this beast combines reverberation, pre and post-distortion, filters, and gating. Inspired by Joe's quest to encapsulate his iconic processed reverbs into a single plugin, Dirty Dog offers an overdriven signal that brings out nuances in your reverb that a standard source couldn't. With filters to sculpt and shape your sound, from subtle polish to radical change, it's a potent addition that packs a punch without overshadowing the core of your track.

  2. Flamingo Verb
    Wander through the sonic jungle with the Flamingo Verb. Experience a multi-dimensional reverb with four distinct IRs – from the intimate echoes of our studio lobby to the timeless resonance of an original 140 plate, the vibrant twang of the RE201 Spring, and the ethereal vastness of the 480 IR. Complete with filters and a width button for a sweeping soundscape, its in-built overdrive adds a raw edge, giving your sound the 'gorilla' intensity it craves.

  3. Fox Echo Chorus
    Rewind to the days when sound had a different kind of soul with the Fox Echo Chorus. Paying tribute to the legendary Echo Chorus Classic, this plugin is your ticket back to an era where sound was pure, raw, and genuinely analog. It's a melodic embrace, a vintage caress for your modern-day tracks.

  4. Rhino Reverb, inspired by the legendary HiFi reverb amplifier units from the 60s & 70s. A weird analog masterpiece, Not originally made for record making but was used in modern times for vintage vibes. It revives the warm essence of vintage HiFi I always liked and wanted in a plugin. Experience the raw, Vibey bouncy spring in your productions.

With the Wildlife FX Bundle, every track is an expedition, every note an adventure. Discover the sounds of the wild.

 Plugin Requirements:

MacOS: VST3, AU, AAX | Windows 64bit: VST3, AAX

2 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor or AMD equivalent (PC)

8GB of RAM (16gb of ram recommended) 

Mac OS X 10.13 or higher, 11 or higher recommended

Windows 8 & Above

Customer Reviews

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Justin Ralf
Great plugins!

Great plugins!

Really cool bundle

I got it and love all of the reverbs in this bundle

Jack Rover
This shit is a bargain

Get it!! It's a steal

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