After more than 15 years in the studio as an audio engineer / mixing engineer / mastering engineer - Noam Levinberg had a good idea about what tools he likes to improve the songs he's been working on for artists around the world as-well as what are the things he missed in the arsenal of audio plugins, and hardware for producers and record makers. After a while he decided to start his own company - and to blend his dream of what was missing with the experience he had as a record maker to create Safari Pedals! The name's concept is to try and let each person "go wild" and express his inner animal. Also the reason to stick to pedal designs was since Noam loves the inspiration he gets from guitar pedals and always saw them as something he would love to have more of as they represent playfulness and experimentation! We hope you enjoy our products. We always love feedback from our customers - So feel free to email us any time at noam@safaripedals.com