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Rabbit Tape - Jungle Warmth Tape Distortion

Rabbit Tape - Jungle Warmth Tape Distortion

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Meet "Rabbit Tape" by Safari Pedals, a tape emulation plugin set to add color and warmth to your sound. 

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Rabbit Tape is designed to effortlessly control the intensity of your sound, taking you from subtle tape magic to an alluringly wild distortion.

It taps into the essence of magnetic tape effects, enabling saturation, tone modulation, and signal compression. Perfect for adding crunch to drums, saturating vocals, or lending a touch of warmth to your master track.

Time to let loose in the jungle of sounds with Rabbit Tape.

Features include:
- Cassette & Reel To Reel Tape modules

- Whacky Wow and Flutter knob that modulates the sound

- Unique Distortion and filter

- OverSampling option

- AutoGain option

Plugin Requirements:

MacOS: VST3, AU, AAX | Windows 64bit: VST3, AAX

2 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor or AMD equivalent (PC)

8GB of RAM (16gb of ram recommended) 

Mac OS X 10.15 or higher, 11 or higher recommended

Windows 8 & Above

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Sophie Wirz
Simple but effective

Rabbit Tape is a very easy to use tape saturation plug in with a very unique sound, which might be not fit to any genre but I use it for my DnB drum bus and it sounds different but great.

The Noise Electric
Mix Buss Magic

Dropped on my mix buss for a song that already sounded great and honestly, I couldn't quite believe the difference. It added warmth, character, and definition to the mix. Highly recommend this plugin.


Absolutely Fantastic tool , Sits lovely on my drums bus ..

Craig Snider
Lovin this..

A little goes a long way, been using on Drums and Keys really enjoying nice work!

Rishi Agarwal
This is my favorite tape emulator

Sounds so analog rich and real! I highly recommend this

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