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Analog hardware pedals

Joe Chiccarelli

Grammy Award winner (White Stripes, The Shins, Jason Mraz, Frank Zappa) "I love that the Flamingo Verb is so bright and crystal clear but you have the ability to roll off top end where needed - Sounds really cool"

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Ben Thomas

(Lil Uzi, Future, Young Thug)
Ladybug is the missing tool in my reverb toolkit! The textures possible are dope! The compressor is also great and a nice added feature to make your reverbs more unique

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Mark Parfitt

(SZA, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, Kehlani)

"Lion Master has a lot of personality beyond just limiting. The width gives a nice dimension and the crossover section adds levels of textures and nuance."

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Cass Lowe

(Chance the rapper, MØ, Lily Alen)
"Just installed - This flamingo verb is pretty nuts! very nice, very usable, simple, quick, versatile"

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Rafael "Anthem" Brown

(Drake,Big Sean,Ty dolla $, Nas) 
"Safari pedals are easily some of the best pedal fx plugins I’ve ever used or heard! You can get some wild tones out of these boxes"

Louie Valentino

(Snoop Dogg, G-Eazy, TI , E-40).

"The Yak Delay Is Something Different It’s Elevating vocals with a fresh, luxurious sound"

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Eren Cannata

(John Legend, Tones and I, Demi Lovato)
"Perfect for bridging the gap for the modern analogue/digital producer. Nothing is better than dialing in your sound on a pedal and feeling that change as you move the knobs, now I have it in my DAW. Safari Pedals have the sauce"

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Daniel Holsinger

(John Legend, Chick Corea, Luke Combs)

"Welp, not sure I can mix without any of them now! These sound amazing!!"

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