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The Future of Audio Engineering: Predictions and thoughts to wrap up 2023

Hello fellow audio nerds! Let's go on a sonic journey into the future of audio engineering for a second, We all think about it in our heads...So I just thought I would share my thoughts out in public...Here are 5 areas I think will probably look drastically different in 2-5 years time: 

1. Virtual Reality Mixing Rooms: I feel like this is something the industry has been talking about for years now. But personally - I love coming to my physical studio, And the biggest difference between that and sitting somewhere with headphones is the tactile experience, And of corse the acoustics. These I feel can really be things VR sets could evolve to help with. Wouldn't it be amazing to "be in the studio" of your choice from anywhere?

2. AI-Assisted Mixing: I know I know - EVERYONE is talking about integrating AI in to audio production. In the future, AI might not just suggest which track needs more bass but also even help you finish a demo or suggest the next chord progression. I've seen a bunch of innovation in this space but not a lot of practical products. I think this is coming next...

3. Environment-Adaptive Music: Imagine walking into a room and the music changes based on your mood. Enter in a bad mood, and your speakers play soothing tunes. "Oh great, the speakers are playing 'cheer up' music again. They're so judgy."

4. Ultra-Fast Sound Editing: This is something I have been thinking about for ages. Why do I need to keep editing the same way almost every single day? Why can't my computer / An AI machine just get what I'm doing here and take it away...Well I think we are closer than ever to that point. Imagine a suggestive "beat detective" or even a daw that can compile your vocal edits and fades in a smart way.

5. Immersive Audio tools and ease of use: Dolby Atmos has taken us all by storm. Every studio and engineer I have talked to this last year or two can't stop talking about immersive audio. But why is it so hard still to actually get an Atmos mix down? I feel like this area is really in it's baby stage and the tools & solutions for Dolby Atmos and Immersive audio are just starting to really be developed. I can't wait to hear productions that were made for an Immersive experience from the creation process.


And there you have it – a whimsical peek into what I think the future might hold for audio engineering. Will all these predictions come true? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure – it's going to be an exciting, laugh-filled ride. Until then, keep tweaking those knobs, and remember, the future of sound is as bizarre as it is brilliant! 🎧🚀

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