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Ever Wondered If a Pedal Could Time Travel? Why Did We Make the Rabbit Tape?


A Quest for Warmth in a Digital Desert

In the vast, unending digital desert, where zeros and ones frolic freely, there lies an oasis. An oasis filled with the warmth of analog sound that many thought was lost to time. On a serious and honest note - I LOVE TAPE. And I think in all honesty that it's the hardest animal to create in the digital domain. It's almost impossible - I have a bunch of tape machines around the studio including my favorite the Ampex 440b. That things is a mammoth of sound. No matter what you throw in to it - It comes back 100 times more vibey and thicker sounding. So at first when I started Safari Pedals I didn't think we could be up for the challenge of creating something that would be a "tape emulation". But as time went by I started working on a few ideas that led me to what is soon to be released as the Rabbit Tape.! One of the biggest parts of what I love about my tape is that I never really know what to expect from it in terms of the outcome of the sound. It has that "it" factor. I feel like we achieved something similar with the Rabbit tape where it kind of feels like an un-predictable thing.

The Time Machine Pedal

The Time machine pedal was my first attempt at making a "tape emulation" type plugin. It wasn't really aimed at the actual magnetics of the tape but rather capturing a simple but very powerful "vibe" from each era using filters, compression and saturation. When I started the Rabbit Tape I kind of continued on that line only started to focus and study the inner works of the tape machine. ; It has a lot under the hood, ready to take your signal through some weird and quirky ways. 

Flutter and Wow: The Spice of Life

What's life without a little flutter and wow? A tad boring, if you ask me. The Rabbit Tape adds wobble and quirk, making. Many times I feel It's the difference between eating plain toast and toast with a generous spread of your favorite butter. It just makes everything kinda rock. I mean it dosen't always work on every track but when it does...It just does the trick.

A Tool for the Bold, the Creative, the Slightly Unhinged

We made the Rabbit Tape not just for those who love to reminisce about the good old days but for the bold, the creative, and yes, the slightly unhinged studio animals who dare to dream. It's for those who want to paint outside the lines, who seek to blend the old with the new in unexpected ways.

The Rabbit Hole Awaits

So, why did we make the Rabbit Tape? To inspire ourselves, to challenge ourselves, and to give you a new hopefully inspiring tool in your arsenal. Your studio is your canvas, and the Rabbit Tape is your brush dipped in the vibrant colors of yesteryear, ready to create tomorrow's masterpieces. (That part was ChatGpt...I'm just being honest here but I loved it so I kept it)

Are you ready to hop down the rabbit hole? The release will be in the beginning of April.

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