Abi Asks: Andrea Lepori

Abi Asks: Andrea Lepori

Howdy Safari Blog People!
When not cooking up vibe-ullar podcast episodes or these slayful blog posts, I love going on long drives whilst blowing my eardrums out to some low end heavy music. While doing so this past week (more specially: to Stargazing by The Neighbourhood- because what a frkn BOP!!!), it hit me that I should dive into the wonderful world of “low end” on this week's blog. (as the wise philosopher Lizzo once said: “It's about damn time!”)
To do so, I chatted with Producer and Engineer, Andrea Lepori (U2, Rolling Stones, Jack Savoretti).

I asked him: In your opinion, what is key in achieving an energetic but clear low end in a mix? 

Do you have methods that help you achieve that in your own mixes?

He said:

I am a huge fan of big low ends in any track I’m either listening to or mixing myself!

I’ve spent a great deal of time in my career sharpening my production and mixing techniques in order to fit as much low end energy as possible in each and every song I touch.

Lately, I tend to clean up the sides of the mix from unwanted resonant frequencies on the lower end (generally up to 80 Hz or so - depending on the genre and the sonic information I’m working with)

In the stereo field I also love to ‘mono’ stuff below certain frequencies, and also keep that part of the song spectrum really clean from unwanted saturation. 

Then I start shaping the relative harmonic content either on the multitrack - with the help of parallel processing - or on the mix buss with some of my favorite exciters to achieve the best possible translation, as I want the lows to shine and push through on every system they get played through.

Andrea’s answer was super (duper) insightful! I learned a lot!
There were two big takeaways for me:
1) To get creative in the way that I process low end, and to have multiple methods for doing so under my belt.
2) To really work at my low end game in a focused, and intentional way.

I feel that a new level of low end consciousness has been unlocked, and I can't wait to try Andrea’s methods!
Hopefully I’ll be able to craft low end in my tracks that people will want to blow their eardrums out to in the car ;)
Thanks Andrea!
Catch y’all next week!
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